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holistic journeys

Horticulture Wellness

Bethel provides, as a core service, a number of intergenerational activities through the lens of its horticulture staff and facilities. From the growing of produce to horti-therapy activities that build, promote, and maintain healthy brain activity and physical movement, these activities offer new cultural expectations for participants of all ages. This includes growing vegetables in our garden; it also includes classes in flower arrangement. Inherent in these activities is the emotional and spiritual benefit of participating in the growing and enjoyment of a wide variety of plant types.

Daily Bread Food Pantry

Bethel New Life in collaboration with Amazon Fresh, Rush and Top Box Foods  

The Daily Bread Food Pantry (DBFP) was launched in December of 2022. It is not what most people consider a “normal” food pantry. Participants go through an initial assessment exploring as many of the households’ needs as are discoverable with the goal of helping them become secure. Families will receive 3-months of emergency food assistance; the first time participants shop in our pantry. For the next two months participants receive food shipments at their homes from Top Box Foods. BNL’s Community Health Worker works with the participants during that 3-month period to get them connected to resources to carry them forward without need for “emergency” help. Using online resources such as Now Pow and Unite Us we connect them to a wide variety of solutions including getting them connected not only to  food support resources, but medical care for those who are uninsured, rental assistance and more.

Bethel New Life, Inc. also partners with Greater Chicago Food Depository to support connecting or reconnecting west side residents to critical benefits such as SNAP and Medicaid. 

Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm CST

Closed During Lunch Time 12pm – 1pm


Marcia Kay


Healthy Food Access Initiative

Bethel partners with Lurie Children’s Hospital to provide vouchers to individuals and families to increase access to healthy produce. As an incentive to participate in a healthy cooking class, these vouchers have also been distributed to individuals that complete the course.

Civic Wellness

Hub Outreach and Connectivity 

Bethel’s Hub staff plan and conduct targeted outreach to promote campus and partner activities to the community. Through identifying key meetings and events happening across the service area, BNL maintains an active and engaged presence within the vital spaces and places on Chicago’s west side.

Wellness Hub Events

Bethel has created a wellness theme for every month of the year to which it provides engaging activities at the Hub campus. From workshops to after work decompression events, the calendar offers a wide range of events for individuals and families to become part of a culture of wellness that will support an expectation of wellness practices throughout the community.

CPR Lifesafety 365 partners with the Hub to provide community workshops for CPR lifesaving techniques. 

Senior Stimulation 

With partners U of I Health and DePaul, a number of activities are planned to engage seniors in mentally and physically stimulating activities on a regular basis.

Blood Pressure Cuffs 

With support from American Heart Association and Wellness West, Bethel provides blood pressure testing stations on campus along with literature and informational sessions to support residents monitoring and self-care.