Campus Partner

Early Childhood Development – Mary Crane Center

For over 100 years, Mary Crane Center (MCC) has been dedicated to the comprehensive early development of children and to supporting their families through a variety of programs. Our goal is to provide quality education in a safe and diverse environment and to strengthen the bonds between children and their families. The dynamic teaching methods encourage each child to bring his or her individuality and experiences into the classroom. By identifying a child’s likes, dislikes, struggles, and strengths, teachers can enhance each child’s personal education and help them to develop the life skills they need to achieve his or her goals.

Not only is MCC playing an important role in the development of young lives, it also is providing the means for many parents to afford to keep working. The cost of quality childcare can be prohibitive. Often times that cost has led parents to leave the workforce because they were simply working to pay the childcare bill. MCC uses a sliding fee scale based on each family’s income and household size to calculate tuition.

STEM Programing – Project Exploration (PE)

We have partnered with PE for a number of years. Bethel’s proximity to three elementary schools has made our campus ideal for connecting with students. Of course, the importance of enhancing children’s exposure to practical science, technology, engineering and math, goes a long way toward lighting the fires of imagination and exploration. This raises the potential to lead to educational and career paths that will transform lives and families.

Wellness Arts Initiative

Bethel New Life, Inc. recognizes the value of community arts initiatives that reflect the historical and current relevance and importance of black and brown culture in the fabric of American society. Through partnerships BNL provides performances, workshops, exhibits and more that demonstrate these values supporting a stronger sense of self to individuals and families in the communities we serve and beyond.

High School Career Exploration Opportunities

Christ the King

Students spend full days at the Wellness Hub performing specific roles and responsibilities to gain knowledge and understanding of critical workplace constructs. 

After School Matters 

High School students spend summer and spring engaged in horticulture career activities. Under the instruction of the horticulture specialist, participants perform a variety of duties that give them a hands-on experience in the field of horticulture.

Move Me To Soul

Move Me Soul is a performance dance and wellness company born on Chicago’s west side. The company offers performances on the BNL campus as well as participating in community activities and celebrations. BNL serves as the fiscal sponsor for Move Me Soul.

Workforce Development

Bethel partners with individuals and organizations to provide training and skill building in key career areas. Infused with critical work place culture and expectation development, our workforce initiative prepares participants with an understanding of how to be successful on the job and supports that understanding with a variety of holistic wellness services to overcome those common hurdles that create barriers to sustainable work experiences for residents of low-income urban communities.

An example of that partnership is with the Entrepreneurs Academy – (  

Since 1996, Entrepreneurs Academy (EA) has been providing entrepreneurial training in low-income, under-developed and under-represented communities. EA has collaborated with Bethel New Life on community events for small businesses and violence prevention; EA intends to continue collaborating on events. They focus on entrepreneurial training in any of their 4 vertical industries including Drone Photography, ED Product Design and Invention, and Eco-Art.

A unique facet of the EA’s approach is to weave mental health into the program. There are elements of stress and anxiety that are more pronounced in participants coming from under-served communities. We have clinicians who participate in entrepreneurial training. EA also has a special relationship with CIBC Bank USA providing special funding opportunities for graduates of the Entrepreneurs Academy.

Illinois Nutrition Education Programs – U of I Extension (  

By providing easy solutions through in-person lessons and online resources, the Illinois Nutrition Education Program (INEP) makes the healthy choice an easy choice where families eat, learn, live, shop, and play. Programs are based on current research and engage learners in practical, hands-on classes and activities in the nutrition and food preparation environment. 

INEP also works with local organizations to promote healthier settings and food choices, further increasing impact. By focusing on improving food access, increasing the likelihood of healthy choices, and helping families save more money, they are making a difference in the lives of families in our communities.

Enterpreneurs Academy

The enterpreneurs Academy was established in 1998 by enterpreneurs for enterpreneurs. We are leading the authority on enterpreneurship and leadership in Ireland. Revolutionishing how business is done in Ireland for the better is our mission. we are about personal and businesses smarter.