Homeownership Counseling &
Foreclosure Prevention

Assuring that community residents have access to affordable housing alternatives has long been core to Bethel’s community investments. Bethel provides both homeownership counseling services for individuals considering the purchase of a home as well as foreclosure prevention services for individuals who need help with a potential foreclosure.

Bethel partners with a number of financial institutions to host monthly homeownership counseling workshops at locations all around the West Side. General workshops provide a full day of information that potential homebuyers need to know before considering the purchase of a home. Bethel also hosts targeted homeownership workshops that focus on one key topic, such as tenant’s rights. In any given year, Bethel’s homeownership counselors will reach 500 homeowners and potential homeowners.

Bethel’s foreclosure prevention program has been hard at work combating foreclosures through its Hardest Hit and Loss Mitigation Programs. Through these programs, Bethel offers free counseling support services to help distress homeowners manage the foreclosure process and ultimately stay in their homes through loan modification, forbearance, or reinstatements. Individuals working with Bethel’s specialists have been successful in helping residents avoid forclosure on average about eighty-five percent of the time.