Entrepreneurship Training Program Application


Welcome to the application page for the Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP) for the Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bethel New Life, and thanks for your interest in this program. We are interested in finding new and existing business owners that want their business to be the best it can be and that are willing and available to attend all of the 14 sessions on consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm starting September 15, 2015. We intend for the class to be challenging and the application and selection process to be rigorous. The application has several phases. All of these phases help us better understand the viability of your idea and if you would be a good candidate for the class. It also helps us determine which candidates are best able to follow instructions, to provide concise but detailed explanations, to meet deadlines, and also can help provide an indication of who is committed, serious, and most likely to regularly attend the class sessions.


Please read the expectations and criteria for each category carefully before determining your ability to participate in this ETP class and completing the application from the link below. The application process will be open from July 30?August 21, 2015 until 12:00 noon. There will be an orientation session for the ETP held on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 5-6 PM at 1140 N. Lamon Ave. in Chicago with a “Starting a Business in Illinois” workshop to follow from 6-8 PM. The orientation session and workshop are not required to apply, but will provide an opportunity for applicants to meet staff and have any questions answered directly. Also candidates who do not have access to a computer to apply can use Bethel’s computer lab to complete Phase 1 of the application after that session. Classes are scheduled to start Tuesday, September 15, and will meet every Tuesday evening from 6-9 PM through December 15, 2015.


The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bethel New Life will operate an Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP) to provide training and support to new and existing businesses less than five years old in designated communities primarily on the west side of the City of Chicago. Businesses outside these communities will also be considered on a secondary basis. The ETP will select individuals who demonstrate the capacity to become an entrepreneur, and also existing entrepreneurs that are trying to expand their businesses to the next level. Participants will be selected based on their potential to start or expand their businesses as a means to grow their income, increase personal wealth, reinvest in their business for growth, and create jobs within their communities. Participants will launch or grow businesses in a variety of industries, with special encouragement to those that can provide a product or service that meets a specific need or helps provide an economic solution in the local community where customers don’t have to travel outside of the community to purchase that good or service.

There are three key elements of the class that make it unique as an Entrepreneurship Training Program:

1) A free class with a multi-phase application to try to enroll the most dedicated and committed entrepreneurs.

2) A microloan underwritten specifically for graduates of the class by a local bank (The Private Bank), which has a history of approving a loan to 96% of the ETP graduates that have applied.

3) Each student in the class is matched with a seasoned business mentor that provides feedback and assistance to the student as they launch or expand their business.


Please link to the application and fully complete this session to be considered for the class. After submitting your application you should receive a notice on your screen that your application has been successfully submitted. No confirmation email is automatically sent, but if you have any question whether the submission went through, contact etp@bethelnewlife.org to confirm.

Click on this link for Phase One of the application.