Advanced Manufacturing Program

With its rich manufacturing history,West Side Chicago neighborhoods already have the prime infrastructure to take advantage of recent advances in American manufacturing. There are an estimated 200 manufacturers near Bethel’s service area that produce annual sales of around $1.5 billion and employ a workforce of nearly 9,000.

Across the Chicago region as well as on the West Side there is a growing demand from manufacturers for applicants with computerized numerical control credentials. American manufacturing has become much more advanced and computerized. Persons with skills to operate high-tech machines are in demand. Careers in Advanced Manufacturing can be financially rewarding for the employee that the communities where these businesses exist and where employees live. If more West Side residents acquired Advanced Manufacturing jobs, they could generate a tremendous positive economic impact on the entire area.

Bethel New Life provides an Advanced Manufacturing Training program for West Side residents, training over 100 residents each year. The program consists of academic skills enhancement and support using precision teaching and fluency-based instruction, individualized self-guided academic and work skills training using Work Keys, Employment Readiness Training based upon the nationally recognized Equipped for the Future curriculum. The program also incorporates financial literacy training and Advanced Manufacturing skills training through a 16-week program whereby participants earn three high-demand CNC credentials in lathe, mill, and safety; and acquire the necessary National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certifications.

Through a robust industry partnership with Technology | Manufacturing Aligned (TMA), Bethel is able to assure that our participants receive instruction from top-ranked nationally recognized instructors as well as have access to TMA’s more than 1000 manufacturer members. Targeted, industry-specific training producing NIMS certified CNC credentials; access to manufacturers who are looking to hire individuals with these credentials, and substantive support to assure that academic and work skills are aligned with a professional skilled job creates tremendous positive results.

Bethel’s Advanced Manufacturing Training program has resulted in 100% of its participants, to date, receiving their CNC credentials. Our Manufacturing Training Program (predecessor to the new AMT program) graduated 94% of its 28 participants with employment rates of 85% and average wages of $19.12/hour.

To learn more about Bethel’s Advanced Manufacturing Training program, call our intake office at 773-473-7870 x 150.

Document Downloads

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West Side Business Xcelerator

Bethel is gearing up to launch a new initiative to support high growth potential businesses through its West Side Business Xcelerator. Funded in part by US Bank, this program is designed to provide more customized support than what businesses receive through the Entrepreneurship Training Program.

Specifically designed for owners or management teams with a vision for growing the company significantly, as well as background and experience in managing growth, each participating company will go through three weeks of assessments and five weeks of developing a growth plan around a specific market opportunity. Each business owner will be partnered with a team of advisors have the potential to receive gap loans to help them get over a hurdle and qualify for larger traditionally funded loans.