Asset Building

Strengthening the capacity of the community to benefit from investment requires efforts on at least two levels: community asset building at the individual and family level and capital absorption capacity building at the community/city level. Individuals and families need support and assistance in the areas of financial literacy, savings, homeownership, financial counseling and foreclosure prevention. These efforts help to assure that the community is building personal and family assets and wealth. At the community/city level, we must assure that systems and processes promote the full, healthy and impactful absorption and use of investment to bring about overall, sustainable community benefit.

Effectively managing your personal finances and buying a home are two of the most important parts of building financial stability. Because of this, they will also play an important role in increasing overall financial stability on the West side. Bethel operates to following programs to educate West Side residents on improving their financial future as well as protecting them from foreclosure.


Financial Literacy &

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Homeownership Counseling & Foreclosure Prevention

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Community Savings Center

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